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Interesting Pecan Facts

Pecans are a popular nut primarily grown in the United States and Mexico. I personally love to enjoy them served in the form of pecan pie! Here are a list of interesting pecan facts:

  • Pecans get their name from a word in the Algonquian language: The meaning effectively refers to a nut that requires a stone to crack. There are multiple ways to pronounce pecan, but even within the US there is no particular way that everyone agrees on.
  • Technically, a pecan is not really a nut at all: Instead, it is classified as a fruit with a pit. The seeds of the pecan fruit are edible and are used typically in sweet dishes, most famously in pecan pie.
  • 93% of worldwide pecan production is by the United States and Mexico: Both nations account for roughly the same amount, at around 130,000 tonnes each per year. In the US, Texas, Georgia and New Mexico make up 75% of domestic production.
  • While Europeans would only learn of pecans in the 16th century, they had been enjoyed by Native Americans well before that: The nuts were prized by the Native Americans and there is evidence that they were used for trading.
  • When Spanish explorers were first introduced to pecans, they gave them a rather apt name – nuez de la arruga: This translates into English as “wrinkle nuts”. Anyone who has ever eaten a pecan will see the connection!
  • Texas selected the pecan tree as its state tree in 1919: The town of San Saba in Central Texas is the epicentre of the pecan industry and even bills itself as “the Pecan capital of the world”. However, Albany, Georgia also has a claim on that title.
  • Speaking of Texas, former governor James Stephen “Big Jim” Hogg requested his grave to be covered not with a headstone, but a pecan tree: This request was granted, and the seeds from his tree were used across Texas.
  • Pecans, in addition to being tasty, are also quite nutritious: They are high in dietary fiber, protein, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals.

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