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Uganda Facts

Uganda is a central east African nation surrounded by Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan and Rwanda. The nation received independence from the UK in 1962. How many of these fun Uganda facts did you know?

  • The name Uganda is taken from the name of the Buganda Kingdom: This region of Uganda is the largest of the nation’s traditional kingdoms and is home to approximately 6.5 million people.
  • Uganda is infamous for having one of the highest rates of corruption in the world: According to a study from 2016, Uganda ranked 151 out of 176 nations polled as having the worst level of public sector corruption.
  • Back in 1986, over half of Uganda’s GDP was contributed by agriculture: Since that time, there has been a drastic shift in Uganda’s economy, and as of 2007 over half of Uganda’s GDP was contributed by the services sector.
  • Uganda is one of the poorest nations in the world, with over a third of the population living on less than US$1.25 per day: This is the currently recognised poverty line, and over 56% of Ugandans living in regional areas are living below it.
  • On the plus side, Uganda is doing much better on the HIV front compared to neighboring countries: In the 1980s, around 30% of the population were infected with HIV, but this had reduced to less than 7% as of 2008. That said, the rate has slowly been increasing in recent years, which is cause for concern.
  • Overpopulation is becoming a real issue in Uganda, with significant growth that the country is struggling to deal with: In 1969, the population was under 10 million, but it has climbed rapidly to over 35 million as of 2014.
  • In a triumph for Ugandan sport, the nation’s little league baseball team qualified to compete in the 2011 Little League World Series held in the US: Unfortunately, due to visa issues, they were not able to take part in the event.
  • The flag of Uganda was adopted in 1962 upon independence from Britain: The flag features a grey crowned crane which is the national animal of Uganda, along with the colors black, red and yellow.
  • The national coat of arms also featured the grey crowned crane, and another local animal: The Ugandan kob, which is a type of antelope, is present, and at the base of the coat of arms coffee and cotton are depicted – both major crops in Uganda’s agriculture sector.

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